Islam: Religion of Jihad

And how the Islamic Society of Milwaukee with the Help of CAIR and other Islamic Organizations Try to Sell Jihad as “Peace”

Authored by K. L. Meier, PhD

This is an examination of the doctrine of Jihad in sacred Islamic scriptures, Islamic cultures and a critical analysis on how the Islamic Society of Milwaukee promotes the concept of Jihad.
K. L. Meier, PhD is a psychologist with a research focus on the psychology of religions. The author has made special investigations into the psychology of Christianity and into Islam, and has studied world mythologies and religious symbols.

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University Misleads Students on Islam

The Shortcomings Of A Course On Islam At The UW Milwaukee

By Carl S. Meziere, Ph.D.

This booklet contains statements made at a 6-week course entitled, “Understanding Islam in Our Changing World,” taught by Ahmed Quereshi and Othman Atta, offered through the UWM School of Continuing Education.

I researched some of these statements in the light of Islamic scriptures and resources and discovered that there are discrepancies between what was said in the class and what is written in the Koran, Hadiths or other Islamic sources.

I want to let the people of Milwaukee and Wisconsin know about these false and misleading statements in this course on Islam. I also want to encourage you not to rely on what is taught there but rather to do your own research. Trust BUT verify is the best approach.

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